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Pork Rind Fun Facts:

  • Pork rinds can be found on snack tables all over the world.
  • Pork rinds are often served hot as part of a meal and can be key ingredients to many South and Central American recipes.
  • Pork rinds are high in protein with no carbohydrates.

Evans Facilities:

Chicago, Illinois; Portsmouth, Ohio; Arlington, Texas; Ontario, California

Evans Brands:

Mac’s (Nationwide), Bill’s (Southeast), Evan’s (Midwest), Hearty Hog (Midwest), La Tonita (South/Midwest), Pete’s (Small Distributors), Porkies (Southeast/South)

United States Fun Facts:

  • Pork rinds are one of former President Bush’s favorite snacks.
  • Mac is the best-selling brand of pork rinds in the U.S.

Evans Facilities:

Saltillo, Mexico

Mexico Fun Facts:

  • Chicharrones are a favorite food in Mexico
  • They can be found as a main ingredient in many dishes and a staple snack food.

Guatemala Fun Facts:

  • Pork rind dobladas (turnovers) are a tradition Christmas dish in Guatemala

Costa Rica Fun Facts:

  • There are many chicharronerias, restaurants dedicated to selling nothing but pork rinds

Colombia Fun Fact:

  • One of the main ingredients of Bandeja Paisa, arguably the national dish of Columbia, is pork rinds.

Dominican Republic Fun Fact:

  • Chicharrones are a beloved and readily-available street food in the Dominican Republic.

Venezuela Fun Fact:

  • In Venezuela, chicharrones are often sold along busy roads and highways and are a favorite snack.

Puerto Rico Fun Facts:

  • Pork is central to celebrations and holiday dinners in Puerto Rico. These feasts often start with pork rinds and include several main pork dishes.
  • In Guavate, Puerto Rico, Route 184 is known as “La Ruta del Lechón” or “Pork Highway” for the incredible dishes served in its restaurants.